The analysis of the prices in hotels of Krasnodar and alternative offers for all visitors

The analysis of the prices in hotels of Krasnodar and alternative offers for all visitors

October 13, 2013

Krasnodar is rightly considered a pearl of the South of Russia and is the largest economic and cultural center, famous for its architectural monuments and a rich cultural heritage. Having the informal status of «the southern capital of Russia», the city attracts a great number of tourists, and active economic development causes visit of Krasnodar by a large number of business people.

Considering current situation with a big flow of tourists and businessmen, Krasnodar began to develop hotel business intensively. Only in 2012 in the territory of the city 17 new types of accommodations — hotels, hotels, mini-hotels, the most various level and a class were opened. In total in Krasnodar there are more than 100 hotels that form a conjuncture of this segment of the market. Also such possibility of accommodations, as the apartment by the day is in sufficiently great demand. Existence of a large number of inns/hotels and wide choice ofaccommodations by the day, gives guests of Krasnodar the chance to be made with the maximum comfort and at reasonable for them prices.

Range of the prices of hotels of Krasnodar

If arrival to Krasnodar wasn’t spontaneous, and you had time in detail to examine a wide choice of hotels, their service, their location and the prices, you definitely will use such service of hotel service, as room reservation. Especially today there is the possibility of online booking excluding various agencies and services. Booking has indisputable advantages, in comparison with settling «from the street». These are 100% a guarantee of providing chosen number, on your arrival, and also the essential discount offered by the majority of hotels.

The price policy of hotel business in Krasnodar is formed mainly by the location of types of accommodation and, certainly depends on its status (quantity of stars). As in any, large economic and cultural center, in Krasnodar, hotel accommodation cost straightly depends on its location towards the downtown. The closer, the hotel/hotel is more attractive and accommodation cost is higher.

We will try to present the approximate of service of accommodation in hotels from 2 * to 5 *, located in the central districts of the city. The average price of accommodation 2 * hotel per day, taking into account charges and a taxes, makes about 1200-1500 rubles for «standard» number. In 3 * hotel, such service of accommodation is estimated already at about 2200 rubles per day, but it can reach and 6000 rubles. In 4 * hotels of Krasnodar it is possible to rent a number «standard» in such price range: from 3300 to 6000 rubles. Well and in the hotels having the status 5 *, day of accommodation in number «standard» will cost to you from 5000 rubles and above. It should be noted that the prices of accommodation in hotels, «during the exhibition period» increase approximately by 10%. Also cost is defined by possibility of means of accommodations of granting various types of additional services (the pool, a gym, the SPA center, conference rooms, etc.). It should be noted that the price policy to a great extent depends on a star status of hotels. So, for example, services on accommodation in number «luxury» are 30-40% higher, in comparison with standard number in hotels 3 *, and in 4 * hotels, the same accommodation in number «standard» and number «luxury», has a difference almost for 100%. On the average, prices differences of placement in numbers of hotels are quite big. So, for example, average number «standard» costs 2200 rubles, «business class» — 2800 rubles, «business class suite» — 3800 rubles, and accommodation in number «luxury» per day will cost from 4800 rubles. But besides the status of hotels and inns there are also types of placement of ‘economic’ class. Located mainly in the private sector of Krasnodar they differ rather low cost of the accommodation, fluctuating around 600-1000 rubles per day.

Apartments by the day — excellent alternative to expensive hotels

If you are going to visit Krasnodar with your family or the small company, and also if the value the price and the place of residence is important for you, quite good alternative to hotel or inn will be daily rent of the apartment. Such option of placement, despite abundance of hotels in Krasnodar, is in rather wide demand for city visitors.

The apartment by the day is:

— First of all it is quite a good option to save. Daily rent of the apartment is much cheaper than placement in a hotel room of the same level.

— Opportunity to establish a convenient daily routine, and also, to feel more habitually and comfortably than in hotel.

— Full anonymity and strict confidentiality of your accommodation.

— Wide choice of apartments by the day, both economy class, and the VIP-class, located in prestigious districts of the city.

— Obligatory granting, on request of visitor, reporting documents with the specified cost of accommodation.

— Possibility of booking of the apartment by the day online.

Essential advantage of accommodation in the apartment, in comparison with hotel, which often forget is opportunity to prepare any dishes you want to have for yourself. In hotel the visitor have to choose from the limited menu and essentially to overpay for a restaurant margin, usually, the cafes and restaurants at hotels bring in to owners the main income. And in the apartment, especially, when the family stops — this factor of economy can be decisive.

To rent apartment by the day in Krasnodar, doesn’t have special complexity. Granting by owners of apartments of the contact phones, allows quickly and without intermediaries to agree about accommodation for reasonable prices. Prices for apartments are by the day quite democratic and vary in the range from 500 rubles in days. If the term of renting exceeds three days, owners of the apartment provide to tenants a considerable discount.

Having visited such remarkable city as Krasnodar, you will be able always to be made in it with the maximum comfort and at the reasonable prices for you.


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